Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was quite different, for most, this year, wasn’t it?!? What with every one being isolated from their friends and loved ones. No “homemade” gifts brought home from school by the younger kids; school had been out for weeks. No big family gatherings, lunches, brunches, or the like. Most of us hadn’t even hugged those we love most in what seems like months, because they were/are at higher risk, and we just couldn’t take the chance. Any resaurant that happened to be open only offered pick up and delivery; no dine in options existed. Stores that were/are open had “one way” isles and “6ft apart” signs every where. Several required that you wear a mask to enter. This Mother’s Day was like no other I have ever experienced.

The one solace that we seemed to be able to find is knowing that we were not the only person who experienced this odd Mother’s Day. It seems cliche’, I know, but, at least to me, there is some level of comfort in knowing that other people can understand what I am going through. The bible does say that there is nothing new under the sun, right? So we can always know that there is someone, somewhere, who has experienced what we are experiencing. With all of that said…

My grandfather had been in a nursing home, here locally, for several months. Our family was the type that went to see him often. We took him lunch on Sunday afternoons, and stopped by throughout the week to visit and to check on him. Then, COVID-19 came along. All of the nursing homes went to “no visitors,” so our routine came to a screeching hault. We went a week without seeing him. Two weeks. A month. This was starting to feel ridiculous. He was starting to think we had “left him.”

Shortly before the two month mark, his health took a turn and the nursing home sent him to the local hospital to be checked out and tested for COVID-19. While he was there…no visitors. After the first week in the hospital, they did a bronchoscopy and put him on a ventilator to help him breathe and rest. April 26, it was decided that he was to be taken off the ventilator and kept comfortable. The first time we saw him in two months was just before they removed it. They let us visit now, in groups of two, because he was now considered “End of life/Comfort Care.” He never woke up again, but he held on for three more days. I will be forever grateful for those days, hours, and minutes we were able to be with him. My sister and I were in the room with him. I will be forever grateful for that, too. He passed on April 29 at 11:20pm. His funeral was held May 2nd; a week before Mother’s Day. I will write more about this amazing man in another post, soon. I love you, Pepaw! I’ll see you when I get There.

As Mother’s Day approached this year, I became keenly aware of the pain that can come with this holiday. Perhaps because we had just laid Pepaw to rest the weekend before. Or perhaps it’s because I am a painfully introverted, abundantly empathic person and I feel so deeply. Either way; my heart was broken, heavy, and aching for the friends of mine whose Mother’s Day this year included the fact that it was the first since losing their own mother, or their child. I recognize the fact that Mother’s Day is not a wonderful, happy day for many people. If words could help, I would write all of the words in attempt to ease your pain, Dear Ones.

You’re thinking “Geez! This is all kinda ‘heavy’ for a Mother’s Day post! Bear with me! It’s coming!

My husband and kids have always gotten up before me on that Sunday morning in May, and made me a wonderful breakfast in bed. They’ve done it since the kids were teeny tiny and it is most definitely one of my most favorite traditions. As they have gotten older, become teenagers, and become much more independent people, this tradition is starting to mean even more to me. They are able to contribute so much more to the decisions and the process. In fact, this year they took over completely in the kitchen and made homemade, gluten free waffles, scrammbled eggs and bacon. It was DELICIOUS!! (I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy eating!)

Priss has a job, her own money, and an uncanny ability to pick PERFECT, specailized gifts for people. Gift giving is definitely in her Love Language! She personally picked out my gift this year and…let’s just say “It’s true” and “She’s freaking awesome!”

At least I don’t have ugly children!

It just so happens that Mother’s Day and my birthday fall in the same month. This year, I had been saving for months, and was able to buy myself an Apple Watch. Hubby and the kids also bought me a new (refurbished) laptop AND…..a HAIR APPOINTMENT!!!! (I haven’t seen my high school friend/hairstylist in many moons…just like most everyone else, and I am SO excited!) I’ll post a picture after. Mostly because she is AMAZBALLS and you’ll want her contact info, but also because I will be IN LOVE with my hair when I leave her new salon!

I was able to talk to my Mother-in-love on the phone and see my mom in person for a few minutes. I spent the day being lazy around the house with the people that make me a mother. I suppose, all in all, it wasn’t really all that different.

In His Grip,